A Sherpa Pet Carrier May Just Be The Best

Sherpa Pet Carriers have become one of the top names in carriers for pets.  They are airline approved and built to last.  This article takes a look at some of the finer points of these fine products.

A Sherpa Pet Carrier may be the dog carrier you are looking
for. These fine carriers are made to last and to travel.  This article will take a look at these fine
products.  Whatever your taste for your
pet, there is one for you.  Sherpa Pet
Carriers are come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  There is a long line of products and brands
by Sherpa Pet Group.  You could even find
a carrier for each day of the week if you wanted, but I’ll leave that up to

Sherpa Pet Carriers have become some of the most trustworthy
most sought after dog carriers in the industry. 
They are high quality carriers, made by Sherpa Pet Group.  They claim to be the First to Fly dog carrier
on the market.  This company has been
creating these products and perfecting them for over twenty years.  With pet travel becoming as popular as ever,
and small pets growing in popularity, it is no wonder that everyone wants a

Sherpa Pet Group has a big family of brands that make some
of the highest quality dog carriers you can find.  Some of the brands in the Sherpa Group are
Cloak and Dawggie, Pez for Pets, Fox &Hounds, GoDog, and of course, Sherpa. 

Celebrities are all over the news and tabloids with their
small, teacup dogs draped over their arms in fancy, stylish dog carriers.  With all of this popularity, it is no wonder
that products like these are gaining huge popularity.  Sherpa Pet Group has capitalized on the
growing popularity for their products. 
There are more styles and colors popping up everywhere.  It is like the dog carrier has become a
fashion statement as well as a comfortable, safe place for your pet to be when

The latest great announcement from Sherpa Pet Group is the
Guaranteed on Board program.  The company
has spent many hard hours working with the different airlines to create this
program.  It has one of the best answers
to one of the questions I hear most, “Will my pet be allowed in the cabin of
the aircraft with me in this carrier?” 
Through the program, a pet owner just has to click on the airline they
are traveling on, with plenty of advanced notice, and fill out the form
including the Sherpa Dog Carrier they will be traveling with, and take it to
the counter with them.  If that pet owner
is denied boarding at the gate, Sherpa Pet Group will refund the cost of the
flight and the pet airline travel fee “guaranteed.”  There are more stipulations than I mention
here, and I suggest seeking out the details of the program if you are
interested, but that is quite a statement.

With programs like Guaranteed on Board, and the growing
popularity of dog carriers, there is little doubt that Sherpa Pet Carriers are
the premier dog carriers you can find. 
One of the great things is that there is a carrier for just about any
budget and that should give any dog owner peace of mind.