Cleaning English Bulldog Puppy Wrinkles

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Resisting the cute, wrinkly face of an
English Bulldog puppy is nearly impossible. And that may be why you
have one running around your house as you read this. But there are
tricks to keeping those cute wrinkles clean and your English Bulldog
puppy healthy and happy!

English Bulldog puppiesrequire
very little grooming because of their short coat. That doesn’t
mean that baths should be a rare occurrence. Baths should be given
to your English Bulldog puppy when he is need of one and you can
clean the wrinkles while in the tub! Simply wet down your pup as you
normally would and soap him up. After he is lathered, get a damp
cloth without soap. Wipe between each wrinkle thoroughly to
remove any dirt, grime or dampness that may be hiding. Now rinse
your pup as usual. When you have completely dried him, apply a small
amount of corn starch or baby powder between the wrinkles. This will
help to keep out dampness which can breed bacteria and infections.

Be sure not to miss the wrinkles on the
face of your English Bulldog puppy. There could be left over
food, irritants and allergens from sniffing the grass outside which
all can easily cause infections. It may be easier to use a cotton
ball or Q-Tip on your puppy’s face until he gets used to the
cleaning routine. Do not apply corn starch or baby powder close to
his mouth or where he can lick. Ingesting too much could upset his

Although maintenance is very low for English
Bulldog puppies, you must understand the
dangers that lie beneath the wrinkles if not taken care of properly.
Clean wrinkles make an even cuter English Bulldog puppy for all to
kiss, cuddle and love!