The Eye-Catching Classifieds

fact that huge corporations as well as medium scale businesses are still using
this channel proves the existing effectiveness of both offline and online

Do classified
ads still have the competitive advantage over other advertising media?
The fact that huge corporations as well as medium scale businesses are still
using this channel proves the existing effectiveness of both offline and online
classifieds. If you want to
successfully endorse your products and services, nothing beats the core of
creating effective classifieds. Discover now the art of creating the
eye-catching classifieds.

ads in every
market environment have their own distinctive challenges. But achieving the
eye-catching classifieds will require focus on the fundamentals of valuable
advertising which can facilitate your product or service to stand out over
fierce competition.

In it’s
essence a classified ad
has limited space. The ad would be synonymous to a person having 20 words or
less to describe his offer in front of random visitors or internet users for
this matter. That classified has to be sufficient enough with details to be
prominent among other ads in the entire market.

Let us
take a look at the anatomy of a successful eye-catching classified ad:


impressions do last on online classifieds.
Be sure that your first few words will pull your target market to your offer
and make them stick their attention to the ad. With the limited space of a
classified, a compelling headline should tell the visitors what exactly you are

Body of the Ad

The body
is not the venue for you to list all of the advantages/benefits of your offers.
This is where the Best Features of your offer should be. Focus on the objective
you have in mind for your classifieds.
Be brief yet, get to the point of what you are offering to the people.

A very
common mistake that advertisers do is dwelling on superlatives in every ad. The
following phrases/words should are no-no’s in classified ads:



of prices”



descriptions must be avoided because people do not trust them anymore. Stick to
the facts of your products and services. It is all that is needed.

Speak in
a universal language.  Do not mention
extreme corporate jargons; rather be simple in choosing the right words that
even a kid in grade school can understand.

forget to include important details such as prices, location, and contact
details. Site visitors get pissed off if they have an item/service chosen but
can not continue due to the lack of contact information or missing price labels.

The Action Label

When everything has been in place, don’t forget to
lay down your action label. Simply, tell your consumers what exactly they do.
You’ll be surprised to know that a number of ads neglects telling exactly what
should the people do. Do not presume the customers’ reaction to the ad, but
tell them to respond to your offer. Good action labels would be read something

“Call now to reserve your
future apartment!”

“Buy now and get an electronic
device for free!”

“You’ll get 10% off from health
equipment if you respond within this month!”

Remember that calling to action is not the final
step. Make sure to have follow up processes to your customers may it be a
return phone call, email reply, or letter through snail mail. A 24-hour reply
period to your initial customer contact would be a good time lead for orders.
Don’t go lazy on your deals because a minute wasted would be a customer’s
reason to shift to your competitor’s merchandise/services.

You may have perfected your style of creating your
own classified ad. But make sure to monitor your customers’ rate of response. Your
approach in creating a car
classifieds may not be as effective in your way of making a real estate
classifieds. Different strokes for different topics, write according
to the offer you are promoting.

Whether you are writing
for printed or online classified
ads, be sure to capture the correct and effective style in generating
them. A limited classified space won’t be much of an obstacle if you can
capture your customer’s limited attention span and call them to action. Constant
practice does lead to perfection. So the more ads you prepare, the close it can
lead you to perfecting the eye-catching classifieds.