The Top Direct TV Benefits

When you look at the subscription numbers alone, they are quite striking. Direct TV has over 14 million subscribers. This clearly shows that Direct TV is one of the most successful satellite television providers around. Because of the variety of advantages of Direct TV has to offer, such as number of channels supplied, satisfactory customer service, and others, there are so many customers who are making the move towards Direct TV.

There’s a reason why satellite has a distinct advantage over cable TV. Cable tv is limited in a few ways. There is a limitation on the size of the cable in cable TV. This affects its bandwidth, and thus the quality of what you’re going to be watching and hearing. There is no limitation on Direct TV. Programming in Direct TV is also of very high quality, which is possible by the latest high quality equipment and technology made available.

Because of the advanced technology used in Direct TV, with the use of basic receiver model one can view all of their favorite programs and these programs are not only in perfect digital quality but also give you realistic sound effects.

The advanced technology Direct TV uses will also allow you to access a variety of channels. Direct TV has a wide variety of different channels. Watch the news, get shopping information, sports information, watch a movie, learn more about anything by watching the various educational channels available. There’s even channels for the children, so you can keep them entertained as well. Speaking of children at television, If you want to block a certain channel or program which you don¬ít want children should see, Direct TV provides parental control features that comes standard in every Direct TV subscription. Parents will have the satisfaction that their kids can’t view these channels, but are also able to access it with a special code later on to unblock the channel.

High Definition Television (HDTV) and digital video recording are the advanced technologies which Digital TV offers to customers. Because of the High Definition Television (HDTV) one can watch programs in up to 10 times the picture resolution which is very beneficial to customers. People love it because it allows them to digitally record their favorite programs and shows so they can watch them later. You can also record two different programs which will also save you time and frustration, if two of your favorite shows are on at the same time.

If you want to pause, stop, and rewind live TV, then it is possible by using Direct TV. Interruptions like phone calls or voice of door bells won’t cause you to miss important play or news, either. You can easily pause the program when any interruption comes, so that you won’t miss an exiciting play or news event. The recorder will start recording from the pause point, and then you can replay everything it records later, at your command. You can store up to 70 hours of video, more than enough for plenty of shows to record.